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Advanced Vision Center is closed.

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Messages are checked on a regular basis, but not daily.

Emails are checked on a regular basis, but not daily.

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Records Requests Status

We are still in the process of moving records to storage and getting them organized. There are thousands of records and getting them moved is a lengthy process. We are logging incoming records requests and getting to them as quickly as we can. As of now it will be on or after June 30th, 2017 before many of the requests can be fulfilled. We apologize for this delay. Check back here as the status will be updated as arrangements are made.

Office Closed

We regret to inform you that Advanced Vision Center and the office of Dr. Susan Mears is closed permanently.

On February 28th 2017 Dr. Mears suffered a catastrophic medical event and will no longer be practicing optometry.

Due to this Advanced Vision Center has shut down business operations.

In respect to the many questions our patients will have, we have made the following provisions for your continuing eye care needs.

We have set up a message phone and email where you can request copies of your records. Records can be sent to the new eye care provider of your choice, via Fax or email. Keep in mind we have limited resources and it may take several days to retrieve records from storage and forward them to your new provider. Records older than 7 years  are not available and have been properly destroyed.

Important, read the details:

To receive a copy of your eye care records you must send us a copy of a signed records release form. The form must contain your name clearly printed on the form, the name, address, Phone number, fax number, patient signature and email address to where we are sending a copy of the records. You can also request a personal copy of these records. For paper or manually scanned eye care records longer than 10 pages, a per page fee may be charged. You can have your new eye care provider help you with this form, make your own, or find a generic copy on the Internet. It just needs the required information.